Heroes of the Nentir Vale

Of Werewolf's and Duergar

25 Flocktime 98 BW

  • Back in town, the party hires Terrlen Darkseeker to guide them to the The Horned Hall where the Grimmerzhul Clan of duergar have taken over.
  • On the way Terrel makes an horrifying change; he becomes a werewolf.
  • After the party subdues him, Terrlen has no recollection of what happened, but begs the party to free him from this curse.
  • They figure the curse might have taken hold in the House of Silence deep within the labrynth.
  • The party decides to return Terrlen back to the Hall before embarking on the quest to break the curse.
  • The duergar make threats against the party in the Hall, and when the party enters their shop they are met with an all out attack.
  • The duergar are outmatched and a few try to flee out a back passageway.
  • A young woman steps out of a stock room and stabs the last duergar in the back as he tries to flee.
  • It is revealed that the woman is in-fact Uriel’s lost sister Kaylie. She remembers having been sold many years ago and brought here.
  • Brugg, the ogre enforcer, interrupts the family reunion and takes them all to see the Orontor for having “disturbed the peace”.
  • Orontor is one of the Mages of Saruun. He looks over the party with his one good eye and decides to keep things hushed up about the incident; the duergar didn’t pay taxes on their illegal slave trade anyway.
  • He agrees that it would be benificial for the party to take care of the duergar problem permantely, as long as they make sure to pay the 10% tax on valuables traded or obtained within the Labrynth.
Thunderspire Mountain

24 Flocktime 98 BW

  • With the information about the Bloodreavers, Lord Padraig asks the party to investigate. He states the Duergar in Thunderspire Mountain might know something.
  • The party rides out to the mountain, then down the Road of Lanterns into the Seven-Pillard Hall
  • On the way, some hobgoblins are harrassing a halfing, intending to capture and sell him. The party has little trouble taking care of them.
  • The halfling introduces himself as Rendil Halfmoon and offers them a place to stay at the Halfmoon Inn. He also will lead them to the Chamber of Eyes, where the Bloodreavers have set themselves up.
  • In the inn, the party meets a few interesting characters: Bennik, a halfling minstrel sings entertaining songs, Terrlen Darkseeker is revealed to be the best guide within the Hall, Harwin engages the party in conversation and asks if they might accompany his caravan from the Hall at the end of the week.
  • Exploring the various shops and buildings in the Hall, they meet a dragonborn named Surina. She is intent on driving out the evil creatures of the hall and agrees to come with the party.
  • The party sneaks into the Chamber of Eyes and up a balcony. They get the drop on a small group of goblins and a bugbear. A few of the goblins escape though.
  • As the party tries to hold up and rest in the room, Uriel hears voices coming from a doorway. He attempted to jam the door, but whoever was on the other side heard him.
  • Hobgoblins were spotted outside the room and so Kylion sets fire to the bed pushed infront of the entrance.
  • Uriel tries to go through the doorway, but it had been jammed.
  • As the hobgoblins spray the party with arrows, Surina jumps through the fire to engage them. The others soon follow.
  • The goblins fall back into a shrine room and Duergar come from a side passage with a Hobgoblin Warcaster coming from another.
  • With Arcil and Kylion occupied by them, Uriel is cutoff from the party in the shrine room contending with the goblins and a dire wolf.
  • Surina ran to the aid of Uriel and delivers a devasting blow to the dire wolf.
  • Kylion and the Warcaster exchanged a battle of magic while Arcil contends with the Duergar.
  • The Hobgoblin Warchief entered, upset that his minions couldn’t handle a simple band of humans.
  • Uriel and the Warchief went tete-a-tete as hobgoblin archers continued to rain down arrows.
  • The duergar and the warcaster are soon brought down and so the Warchief is soon overwhelmed as he tries to escape.
  • The party soon discovers that the slaves had already been sold to the duergar within the labrynth.
The Final Confrontation

16 Flocktime 98 BW

  • Following a dream Arcil had, the party went down a “closed” passageway
  • After dispatching a Gelatinous Cube and some skeletons, the ghosts of two children appeared and began taking possession of the party
  • Arcil placed two platinum dragon statues with the children’s trinkets and they were freed from undeath; they were Sir Keegan’s children, and his wife appeared and thanked the adventurers
  • Overcoming traps and zombies and a ghoul the heroes entered an unholy area with blood streams coming down from an altar to a pit in the center of the room; A human in dark robes stood before them, knife raised high, praising the demon lord Orcus
  • A vicious battle errupted, with a surprised Kylion meeting a raised Bors who taunted and cursed him
  • The robed figured continued to praise Orcus with his last breath; Bors prophesied how the brothers Kylion and Arcil would one day destroy each other
  • The party desended down the pit into a nightmare
  • They landed in a pool of blood, a yawning black portal dominated the wall with something straining against the darkness within
  • A massive statue of Orcus stood on the opposite side of the room
  • A clad in heavy armor and carrying a skull-capped rod chanted in a low, droning prayer
  • Kalarel, upset at the interruption lasted out at the party, sending his skeletal warriors to engage them, while a wight taunted and engaged the heroes
  • Kalarel himself withstood most of what the party could throw at him only finally being pushed into the dark portal and swearing revenge, especially on Arcil who wielding Althaea was able to thwart the darkness in the portal
  • The entire Keep began to implode and crumble with the ritual being disrupted and Kalarel sent into the Shadowfell
  • The party escaped, and returned haggard and just a bit unnerved by what they had witnessed
  • All of Winterhaven hailed their return and a celebration was held in the honor of the “Heroes of Winterhaven”
Bumps in the Night and Lumps in the Fight

15 Flocktime 98 BW

  • During the night, Kylion and Splug hear the sounds of battle outside Sir Keegan’s chamber
  • Dead hobgoblins litter the floor around the sarcophagi, apparently having met their fate at the hands of the skeletal guardians here
  • Uriel awakens tied up in a small room with the rest of his companions
  • He manages to escape and makes his way toward the Chieftan’s room, attempting to retrieve his weapons
  • The Chieftan is awakened and puts a blade to Uriel’s throat stating that if he is so bent on a fight then a fight he shall get
  • Meanwhile, Splug reveals a secret chamber where a potion of mimicry and a Power Jewel he had stolen were hidden
  • Kylion is then attacked by zombies through an illusionary wall in an ancient armoury
  • He then answers a riddle and obtains magical scale armour
  • Kylion kills a hobgoblin guard on his way down to find the others, but is soon discovered and Splug is captured.
  • Retreating out of site, Kylion drinks the potion and takes on the appearance of the dead hobgoblin, urging the trailing group to pursue the “wizard” up out of the dungeon
  • Kylion takes up his post in the prisioners room and watches as Uriel is taken from the room, being left alone to guard the remaining prisioners
  • Uriel is given a short sword and forced to fight the chieftan surrounded by the hobgoblins
  • The fight goes poorly for Uriel until his short sword reveals it’s magical properties and splits into two allowing Uriel to make the most of his skills in two weapon fighting
  • The Chieftan goes down quickly reaching out to his Warcaster who waits until the chieftan is dead to have Uriel restrained, taken advantage of the situation to gain control of the tribe
  • A surprise is waiting for the unfortunate hobgoblins who bring Uriel back to his cell
  • The party, now together again, defeat the remaining hobgoblins
Hobgoblin Tactics

14 Flocktime 98 BW

  • When the party descends to the next level of the Keep, Hobgoblins are on guard and yell out, “Shadow seeks shadow!”
  • The party gives the phrase they found on Ninaran’s body, but it was a false lead, and the Hobgoblins attack
  • In a back room, a giant spider is released and jumps toward the party causing all sorts of trouble
  • Arcil is grabbed and almost pushed into the well, though a hobgoblin ends up thrown in by a well placed Thunderwave by Kylion
  • Moving on the party is caught in a trap by the Warchief; he taunts the party and orders his soldiers to capture them to sell as slaves to the Bloodreavers
  • Uriel, incensed by the mention of slavers charges into the room
  • A portcullis drops trapping the party as the hobgoblins, working in a very well ordered manner, take down the party one by one
  • Splug finds a lever to open the gate, and Kylion uses mage hand to open and shut it during his retreat
  • The party learns that hobgoblins are well trained in a phalanx formation that allows them to defend each other in battle making it hard to land a blade or arrow
  • With the rest of the party captured, Kylion and Splug make their retreat back to Sir Keegan’s Tomb
Sir Keegan and the Undead

13 Flocktime 98 BW

  • Down a dark stairway, the party hears strange moaning sounds and it stinks of rotting flesh
  • Strange markings are found on the ground
  • Humaniods with their flesh falling off them shamble toward the party. They are clearly dead, but animated somehow
  • Marla reveals that they are zombies, again creatures from stories and fable
  • The party learns they like to grab their victims, but also that a critical strike crushes them completely
  • A second group of zombies come from the darkness to the north
  • The strange markings trigger a throat tearing scream and sends the party fleeing to the southern chamber
  • Ten massive stone sarcophagi line the ways here, and skeletons clatter out of them and surround the party
  • The party fights their way through them to a silvery glowing chamber with altars to Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon
  • Kneeling before an altar and paying homage to Bahamut sheds light upon the sarcophagi and the skeletons return to them
  • Five small platinum dragon statues are found beneath one of the altars
  • In the next room a raise dias held a single coffin
  • Sir Keegan appeared to the party and asked them a series of questions before he trusted the party enough to answer their questions
  • He told them of his downfall and of Orcus’s corruption through the Rift
  • He bestows his longsword Althaea on Arcil
  • Althaea was an Eladrin princess that was rescued by Sir Keegan over 200 years ago
To the Keep on the Shadowfell

12 Flocktime 98 BW

  • The party wakes to find that the halfling warlock Bors is missing, but all his gear is untouched.
  • As the party nears the keep, all is silent, giving the party an eerie sensation.
  • Uriel notices that rocks have been moved near one of the broken towers revealing a passageway down.
  • The Keep is infested with goblins.
  • In a torture room lead by a hobgoblin, the party finds an imprisoned goblin named Splug. He agrees to help the party in exchange for not killing him.
  • A symbol of Bahamut is found in an excavation site.
  • Uriel finds a secret door leading them to the sleeping leader of the goblins; two arrows in the head end his life.
  • Noises are heard outside the curtains encircling the bed, so Kylion sets them on fire to cover the parties retreat back to the main room.
  • The remaining goblins circle back, but easily taken care of without their leader.
  • Down a dark passage the party encounters rats, jellies, and Kruthiks.
  • A dark pool holds a blue slime that explodes when killed. Also the remains of it’s past meal give the party a clue into the Bloodreavers offer to buy slaves from Kalarel for their Duergar allies in Thunderspire Mountain.
  • The party returns to Winterhaven only to find the gates closed and the guards in a panic.
  • Lord Padraig begs them to go to the graveyard. Several villagers have gone missing, and now the dead seem to be rising from the grave.
  • Ninaran is there and beckons the party to enter to investigate.
  • A sickly blue glow comes from somewhere in the graveyard and skeletons emerge from the ground.
  • Marla goes into a trance and Pelor reveals to her the power to release radiant energy that destroys the undead.
  • Kylion manages to disrupt the evil magic while the party keeps the undead at bay.
  • Ninaran is killed and the undead cease to rise.
  • The town is grateful, but fearful. Undead are a thing of children’s stories and ancient fables.

Sixth-day of Flocktime, Year 98 BW

  • The party was hired by Nimozaran the Green, High Septarch of Fallcrest, to investigate the kobolds in the Kobold Hall. He noticed that they were too organized and too aggresive than the kobolds he had dealt with in the past.
  • After dispatching a number of kobolds at the Kobold Hall, the party found a secret set of stairs leading down to the White Dragon, Szartharrax.
  • In his horde you found a letter written in Draconic that Kylion was able to interpret with the aid of his Comprehend Languages ritual. It mentioned an offer of alliance from a goblin warlord named Irontooth.
  • After hearing of your successful venture in defeating the kobolds, the party was approached by a woman looking for her lost husband, Douven.
  • You were also contacted by a priest of Pelor to speak with Marla at the Great Church. There, she asked if you would accompany her to the town of Winterhaven to investigate a death cult, led by one named Kalarel.
  • On the way, the party was ambushed by kobold brigands, which upon arrival the people of Winterhaven mentioned that they had been having problems with kobold raid groups along the roads.
  • In town, the party gained information leading to the whereabouts of Douven; at a suppossed dragon tomb, and about a kobold lair in the area.
  • When asked about any cult activity in the area, no one in the village thought there was one, save Ninaran, an elven ranger. She was quite cold, but pointed out that she thought they were in league with the kobolds whose lair was behind a waterfall.
  • At the dragon tomb, the party dispatched a small band and freed Douvan, who thanked you and returned home.
  • At the kobold lair, which Ninaran pointed out, the party overcame the many kobolds and their leader Irontooth, who exclaimed at his death, “Kalarel and Lord Orcus, prepare my way!” leading the party to discover that the cult indeed must be in league with the kobolds.
  • A scroll found in Irontooth’s possesions signed by Kalarel read, “My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter; in just a few more days, I’ll completely open the rift. Then Winterhaven’s people will serve as food for all those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding.”
  • On the trip back to Winterhaven, the party encountered a group of hobgoblin brigands who demanded a toll. The party refused and a battle ensued.
  • In the battle, mysterious ranger appeared began filling the brigands with arrows.
  • The ranger introduced himself as Uriel. He stated that he had been tracking a group of slavers called the Bloodreavers. This group of slavers had apparently attacked a caravan nearby.
  • Not far, Uriel tracked down the captured merchants. They were most grateful when they were freed and accompanied by their guards went on their way.
  • Back to town, Valthrun the Prescient was able to give the party more info on the Keep on the Shadowfell. In decades past it had been built to protect against a gate to the Shadowfell. The commander, Sir Keegan, had gone crazy and killed his family and many of his soldiers before being trapped in the Keep. Now, many years later, the Keep has fallen into ruin.

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