Heroes of the Nentir Vale

Bumps in the Night and Lumps in the Fight

15 Flocktime 98 BW

  • During the night, Kylion and Splug hear the sounds of battle outside Sir Keegan’s chamber
  • Dead hobgoblins litter the floor around the sarcophagi, apparently having met their fate at the hands of the skeletal guardians here
  • Uriel awakens tied up in a small room with the rest of his companions
  • He manages to escape and makes his way toward the Chieftan’s room, attempting to retrieve his weapons
  • The Chieftan is awakened and puts a blade to Uriel’s throat stating that if he is so bent on a fight then a fight he shall get
  • Meanwhile, Splug reveals a secret chamber where a potion of mimicry and a Power Jewel he had stolen were hidden
  • Kylion is then attacked by zombies through an illusionary wall in an ancient armoury
  • He then answers a riddle and obtains magical scale armour
  • Kylion kills a hobgoblin guard on his way down to find the others, but is soon discovered and Splug is captured.
  • Retreating out of site, Kylion drinks the potion and takes on the appearance of the dead hobgoblin, urging the trailing group to pursue the “wizard” up out of the dungeon
  • Kylion takes up his post in the prisioners room and watches as Uriel is taken from the room, being left alone to guard the remaining prisioners
  • Uriel is given a short sword and forced to fight the chieftan surrounded by the hobgoblins
  • The fight goes poorly for Uriel until his short sword reveals it’s magical properties and splits into two allowing Uriel to make the most of his skills in two weapon fighting
  • The Chieftan goes down quickly reaching out to his Warcaster who waits until the chieftan is dead to have Uriel restrained, taken advantage of the situation to gain control of the tribe
  • A surprise is waiting for the unfortunate hobgoblins who bring Uriel back to his cell
  • The party, now together again, defeat the remaining hobgoblins



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