Heroes of the Nentir Vale

Hobgoblin Tactics

14 Flocktime 98 BW

  • When the party descends to the next level of the Keep, Hobgoblins are on guard and yell out, “Shadow seeks shadow!”
  • The party gives the phrase they found on Ninaran’s body, but it was a false lead, and the Hobgoblins attack
  • In a back room, a giant spider is released and jumps toward the party causing all sorts of trouble
  • Arcil is grabbed and almost pushed into the well, though a hobgoblin ends up thrown in by a well placed Thunderwave by Kylion
  • Moving on the party is caught in a trap by the Warchief; he taunts the party and orders his soldiers to capture them to sell as slaves to the Bloodreavers
  • Uriel, incensed by the mention of slavers charges into the room
  • A portcullis drops trapping the party as the hobgoblins, working in a very well ordered manner, take down the party one by one
  • Splug finds a lever to open the gate, and Kylion uses mage hand to open and shut it during his retreat
  • The party learns that hobgoblins are well trained in a phalanx formation that allows them to defend each other in battle making it hard to land a blade or arrow
  • With the rest of the party captured, Kylion and Splug make their retreat back to Sir Keegan’s Tomb



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