Heroes of the Nentir Vale

Of Werewolf's and Duergar

25 Flocktime 98 BW

  • Back in town, the party hires Terrlen Darkseeker to guide them to the The Horned Hall where the Grimmerzhul Clan of duergar have taken over.
  • On the way Terrel makes an horrifying change; he becomes a werewolf.
  • After the party subdues him, Terrlen has no recollection of what happened, but begs the party to free him from this curse.
  • They figure the curse might have taken hold in the House of Silence deep within the labrynth.
  • The party decides to return Terrlen back to the Hall before embarking on the quest to break the curse.
  • The duergar make threats against the party in the Hall, and when the party enters their shop they are met with an all out attack.
  • The duergar are outmatched and a few try to flee out a back passageway.
  • A young woman steps out of a stock room and stabs the last duergar in the back as he tries to flee.
  • It is revealed that the woman is in-fact Uriel’s lost sister Kaylie. She remembers having been sold many years ago and brought here.
  • Brugg, the ogre enforcer, interrupts the family reunion and takes them all to see the Orontor for having “disturbed the peace”.
  • Orontor is one of the Mages of Saruun. He looks over the party with his one good eye and decides to keep things hushed up about the incident; the duergar didn’t pay taxes on their illegal slave trade anyway.
  • He agrees that it would be benificial for the party to take care of the duergar problem permantely, as long as they make sure to pay the 10% tax on valuables traded or obtained within the Labrynth.



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