Heroes of the Nentir Vale

Sir Keegan and the Undead

13 Flocktime 98 BW

  • Down a dark stairway, the party hears strange moaning sounds and it stinks of rotting flesh
  • Strange markings are found on the ground
  • Humaniods with their flesh falling off them shamble toward the party. They are clearly dead, but animated somehow
  • Marla reveals that they are zombies, again creatures from stories and fable
  • The party learns they like to grab their victims, but also that a critical strike crushes them completely
  • A second group of zombies come from the darkness to the north
  • The strange markings trigger a throat tearing scream and sends the party fleeing to the southern chamber
  • Ten massive stone sarcophagi line the ways here, and skeletons clatter out of them and surround the party
  • The party fights their way through them to a silvery glowing chamber with altars to Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon
  • Kneeling before an altar and paying homage to Bahamut sheds light upon the sarcophagi and the skeletons return to them
  • Five small platinum dragon statues are found beneath one of the altars
  • In the next room a raise dias held a single coffin
  • Sir Keegan appeared to the party and asked them a series of questions before he trusted the party enough to answer their questions
  • He told them of his downfall and of Orcus’s corruption through the Rift
  • He bestows his longsword Althaea on Arcil
  • Althaea was an Eladrin princess that was rescued by Sir Keegan over 200 years ago



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