Heroes of the Nentir Vale

The Final Confrontation

16 Flocktime 98 BW

  • Following a dream Arcil had, the party went down a “closed” passageway
  • After dispatching a Gelatinous Cube and some skeletons, the ghosts of two children appeared and began taking possession of the party
  • Arcil placed two platinum dragon statues with the children’s trinkets and they were freed from undeath; they were Sir Keegan’s children, and his wife appeared and thanked the adventurers
  • Overcoming traps and zombies and a ghoul the heroes entered an unholy area with blood streams coming down from an altar to a pit in the center of the room; A human in dark robes stood before them, knife raised high, praising the demon lord Orcus
  • A vicious battle errupted, with a surprised Kylion meeting a raised Bors who taunted and cursed him
  • The robed figured continued to praise Orcus with his last breath; Bors prophesied how the brothers Kylion and Arcil would one day destroy each other
  • The party desended down the pit into a nightmare
  • They landed in a pool of blood, a yawning black portal dominated the wall with something straining against the darkness within
  • A massive statue of Orcus stood on the opposite side of the room
  • A clad in heavy armor and carrying a skull-capped rod chanted in a low, droning prayer
  • Kalarel, upset at the interruption lasted out at the party, sending his skeletal warriors to engage them, while a wight taunted and engaged the heroes
  • Kalarel himself withstood most of what the party could throw at him only finally being pushed into the dark portal and swearing revenge, especially on Arcil who wielding Althaea was able to thwart the darkness in the portal
  • The entire Keep began to implode and crumble with the ritual being disrupted and Kalarel sent into the Shadowfell
  • The party escaped, and returned haggard and just a bit unnerved by what they had witnessed
  • All of Winterhaven hailed their return and a celebration was held in the honor of the “Heroes of Winterhaven”



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