Heroes of the Nentir Vale

Thunderspire Mountain

24 Flocktime 98 BW

  • With the information about the Bloodreavers, Lord Padraig asks the party to investigate. He states the Duergar in Thunderspire Mountain might know something.
  • The party rides out to the mountain, then down the Road of Lanterns into the Seven-Pillard Hall
  • On the way, some hobgoblins are harrassing a halfing, intending to capture and sell him. The party has little trouble taking care of them.
  • The halfling introduces himself as Rendil Halfmoon and offers them a place to stay at the Halfmoon Inn. He also will lead them to the Chamber of Eyes, where the Bloodreavers have set themselves up.
  • In the inn, the party meets a few interesting characters: Bennik, a halfling minstrel sings entertaining songs, Terrlen Darkseeker is revealed to be the best guide within the Hall, Harwin engages the party in conversation and asks if they might accompany his caravan from the Hall at the end of the week.
  • Exploring the various shops and buildings in the Hall, they meet a dragonborn named Surina. She is intent on driving out the evil creatures of the hall and agrees to come with the party.
  • The party sneaks into the Chamber of Eyes and up a balcony. They get the drop on a small group of goblins and a bugbear. A few of the goblins escape though.
  • As the party tries to hold up and rest in the room, Uriel hears voices coming from a doorway. He attempted to jam the door, but whoever was on the other side heard him.
  • Hobgoblins were spotted outside the room and so Kylion sets fire to the bed pushed infront of the entrance.
  • Uriel tries to go through the doorway, but it had been jammed.
  • As the hobgoblins spray the party with arrows, Surina jumps through the fire to engage them. The others soon follow.
  • The goblins fall back into a shrine room and Duergar come from a side passage with a Hobgoblin Warcaster coming from another.
  • With Arcil and Kylion occupied by them, Uriel is cutoff from the party in the shrine room contending with the goblins and a dire wolf.
  • Surina ran to the aid of Uriel and delivers a devasting blow to the dire wolf.
  • Kylion and the Warcaster exchanged a battle of magic while Arcil contends with the Duergar.
  • The Hobgoblin Warchief entered, upset that his minions couldn’t handle a simple band of humans.
  • Uriel and the Warchief went tete-a-tete as hobgoblin archers continued to rain down arrows.
  • The duergar and the warcaster are soon brought down and so the Warchief is soon overwhelmed as he tries to escape.
  • The party soon discovers that the slaves had already been sold to the duergar within the labrynth.



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