Heroes of the Nentir Vale

To the Keep on the Shadowfell

12 Flocktime 98 BW

  • The party wakes to find that the halfling warlock Bors is missing, but all his gear is untouched.
  • As the party nears the keep, all is silent, giving the party an eerie sensation.
  • Uriel notices that rocks have been moved near one of the broken towers revealing a passageway down.
  • The Keep is infested with goblins.
  • In a torture room lead by a hobgoblin, the party finds an imprisoned goblin named Splug. He agrees to help the party in exchange for not killing him.
  • A symbol of Bahamut is found in an excavation site.
  • Uriel finds a secret door leading them to the sleeping leader of the goblins; two arrows in the head end his life.
  • Noises are heard outside the curtains encircling the bed, so Kylion sets them on fire to cover the parties retreat back to the main room.
  • The remaining goblins circle back, but easily taken care of without their leader.
  • Down a dark passage the party encounters rats, jellies, and Kruthiks.
  • A dark pool holds a blue slime that explodes when killed. Also the remains of it’s past meal give the party a clue into the Bloodreavers offer to buy slaves from Kalarel for their Duergar allies in Thunderspire Mountain.
  • The party returns to Winterhaven only to find the gates closed and the guards in a panic.
  • Lord Padraig begs them to go to the graveyard. Several villagers have gone missing, and now the dead seem to be rising from the grave.
  • Ninaran is there and beckons the party to enter to investigate.
  • A sickly blue glow comes from somewhere in the graveyard and skeletons emerge from the ground.
  • Marla goes into a trance and Pelor reveals to her the power to release radiant energy that destroys the undead.
  • Kylion manages to disrupt the evil magic while the party keeps the undead at bay.
  • Ninaran is killed and the undead cease to rise.
  • The town is grateful, but fearful. Undead are a thing of children’s stories and ancient fables.



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